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Since our weather wasn’t perfect on Saturday, April 13th, we decided to extend the raffle to everyone that tried to make it to the event, but couldn’t because of the weather… The online raffle will run through next Friday, April 26th (since people may be tied up with Easter and Passover)

This will also let us reach out to everyone on Facebook and via email who had signed up for the event!

Prizes include:

  • (1) Date Night for Mom & Date from Austin Kids Retreat ($50 Value)
  • (2) Dinner for 4 @ Cups n’ Cones ($65 Value x2)
  • (1) Evalyn Jaymes Gift Card ($25 Value)
  • (2) Posh Designs ($25 Value x2)
  • (1) Oz Taphouse Gift Card ($25 Value)
  • (1) AllGood Chiropractic ($200 Value)

You can enter the raffle up to 4 times!

  1. Let us know if you want to be entered for ONE specific prize (or all!)*
  2. Answer the real estate questions from Heather Tankersley
  3. Answer childcare questions from Austin Kids Retreat
  4. Like the page on Facebook


NOTE: You will need to click “Enter” for each entry to qualify:

Enter to Win Here!

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